Nighttime blabbering 472

Everything is set for tomorrow. “Tales of the Dead” is scheduled, and the announcement will arrive first thing in the morning. While I am going out to do some work, you’ll get a preview of the world that I built for the final installment of the “Pieces of Hell” saga.

Cage Dunn is an editor of this story, and I must thank her once again for providing me advice and suggestion. I must also thank her for the books that she sent me to read and learn more about writing. The English language is a challenge to learn and master, even more, if it’s not your native language, but with a great mentor such as Cage, I am sure my skills will drastically improve in the following months. This story is proof of that. For 2$, you’ll get to read the story on October 25, when it becomes available for all of my patrons.

The Dead Tales is an epic thriller by genre, not so much fiction like I used to write before. I wanted to change it for a bit, write something else, try myself at the genre I haven’t written that much. Fiction is still my passion, and I plan writing more fiction but come with an original idea for the next story. This inspires me and gives me the energy to write, so I can’t abandon sci-fi. However, I like to rest with the other genres, which helps me understand the possibilities and techniques of writing. It’s an excellent practice. I recommend everyone to try it. Try writing in the genre that you don’t really like. You just might learn a thing or two or improve your viewpoint. This is what writers do.

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