Nighttime blabbering 471

So, I got the word from Cage Dunn, and she edited the story. She sent me two documents. One is full of comments and suggestions that I am reading studiously, and another document is her version of the same idea. I must admit, she went up and above what I asked for, and I wasn’t prepared for what I read. She… Cage… oh, brother, she freaking won the contest. “Who’s gonna write it better.” Oh my God, that was amazing. Now, I am a writer, but Cage is a Master of Words. I am speechless.

I am seriously considering to stop writing after reading Cage’s version. Seriously now, I wish I could write like that. The story opened up is a very different way bringing all the feels I missed writing down in my story. It’s like I tried, but she went to work with what I gave her to check out.

All I have to do now is to edit the story and create a cover. Will I manage to complete everything by the October 15, nobody knows, but I am willing to give my best and not disappoint.

It’s going to be close to missing the deadline because I am constantly tired from work. At least I harvested and stored all of my corn before the storm. That’s one more thing scratched off on my list of things to do until the first snow.

Ugh, here I go with editing. Wish me luck and stay tuned for more news about the incoming final piece of Hell: The Tales Of The Dead.

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