Nighttime blabbering 470

The story for this month is completed. Yes, you read that correctly. The first draft of the “Pieces of Hell: Tales of the dead” is finally done. I managed to write it down, even with a lot of work coming in the next few weeks. I am in a hurry to work on the story because the lumber season is still in full swing here. Tomorrow, I am busy with corn harvest, so I won’t answer all your comments. Sorry in advance.

So, how does the story looks like? Um, I feel sorry for Cage Dunn, because she’ll have to go through this. I think this is a crucial word; I think the story isn’t bad, but knowing Cage and her keen eye, I am afraid she will rip a new asshole on this story and severely injure my ego. But there is an excellent side to this. After I cry my eyes out in the pillow, repeatedly calling for God to end it all, I’ll get to editing and forge an outstanding story. This is just one more opportunity for me to learn something and become better. I mean, if you want to be proficient, this is the struggle one must take.

But that’s not the answer to the question upstairs. I wanted to say that the story is eight pages long, about 4000 words long, and one of the better stories that I have ever written so far. The imagery is there, the movement is detailed, and the plot twist kicks butt. I am so proud of how this story turned out, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Until the next time, take care my brothers and sister in Quill. Talk to you soon with new reports on how the editing process is going.

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