Nighttime blabbering 469

Rainy clouds made the day look like night, so no wonder I was sleepy for the whole day. And my day began slowly, tired of all the stuff I have to do, create, make from scratch, and distribute it to people who need it. I mean, I am working on the cover design for articles, working on the book cover for a friend, trying to be in contact with the people who need me for other stuff, like book promotions, podcast shows where I talked about my upcoming novel and many other things that frequently need my attention.

I really like doing this, being torn between the project I completed and the project I need to begin. I like it when people ask me stuff, ask for help or favors. It means that I must be doing an excellent job since people want me to work on their team, their projects, writing experiments, and stuff like that. Sometimes, they express how valuable I am for the team, sometimes they say thanks and move on. They always make sure to leave me a compliment and encourage me to keep doing good work. It feels nice. I feel appreciated.

I’ll do what I can for a few more hours at night, but I decided to get to bed early. Since it’s raining outside, I might as well get some rest and be fresh in the morning.

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