Nighttime blabbering 466

I had a busy day. I helped my mother peel the bell peppers and grind them into a paste. Tomorrow she will fry it and store ajvar in jars, ready to be eaten at a moment’s notice. My father needed some help storing the tractor appliances for the winter. I am going to chop some more wood in the morning. So far, I have managed to earn a reasonable sum. It’s been a busy week, and it’s still not over. On the weekend, I’ll have to visit my vineyard, collect the grapes and mush them into a pulp. Sometime next week, I expect the wine to separate from the pulp. I’ll need to bottle it and keep it in a dark and cold place. Within that same week, I may get my own stock of lumber to chop it up and store it in the shed. Winter is coming – if I am to use Sean Bean’s phrase from the show.

So, how is that short story coming along? I’ll have to say that it’s going pretty well. I wrote around 3 000 words so far. This month, I plan to finish the “Pieces of Hell” saga and take on the new projects. This final piece is going to be a bit longer, but that much better. There is a slow beginning, hard-hitting action, and the plot that will make you feel suffering. I am going all in. I aim to make you weep and cramp your face from horrific events happening in the story. My goal is to shake you into the dread and show you the doom hidden inside of humankind. With this, I warn you about what is to come later this month.

In other news, I report from the scene where I am creating new cover art for Cage Dunn’s new book that is coming out soon. She was of great help and a true mentor. I got to learn stuff I never thought about, and I am pleased with our mutual work. Every story that you read ’til now is a product of her patience and guidance I received from her. She is way passed the gentle phase, and now my stories bleed until they grow into solid pieces of writing.

That’s it for now. Talk to you soon, my brothers and sisters in Quill, my Commanders, my dear friends.

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