Nighttime blabbering 460

It’s my first time chopping alder tree. This breed belongs to a birch family of trees, and it is easy to cut when raw. Green alder is very interesting because when it is cut, the inner side is white, but when it gets dry, the inner side becomes blood red. Alder structure is also amazing, mostly because it has a great pattern and it is a strong type of trees, suitable for construction.

For the past four days, I’ve been working with this tree and I have to say that the work is not easy, but it provides a good recreational activity. One more fun fact about this tree is that splits in most strange way. I was thought not to hit the stump, knot facing me, but other way around. You see, if you hit the “knot” (place where a branch grew), the chances are you will get hurt badly. An ax doesn’t go through, but it actually bounces off the stump as if you are hitting a tire. With a full swing at the knotted place, ax will use the same energy to bounce back and hit you in the head. It is the same as if someone deliberately struck you with a sledgehammer.

I am using a 2 kilogram heavy ax head to split wood, both hands on the handle during breaking, then I switch to one hand chopping for fine cuts. It’s not something to mess with and it is potentially dangerous if you are rough handling the ax.

This is one type of freelance jobs I can find in my vicinity and it comes as a relaxation to me. I enjoy working with ax and firewood. I thought I should share this with you. Perhaps you might find it interesting.

Next post, I am talking about writing again.

And here is me, sitting next to the pile of stumps on the left and chopped firewood on the right side. In the back, you can see a tomato garden, a tree line near the river and the sky.

Tomorrow, you can expect a short story from my Patreon. “Pieces of hell: Black Lada 1500 Special” comes out at 8 in the morning. Enjoy reading it, and consider becoming a patron, so that I can keep writing fun stories for everybody.

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