Black Lada 1500 (announcement)

This is a third part of the “Pieces of Hell” saga.

Long road leads to a destination of no return. Tires hum speeding while nature outside grows darker, so dark, there is no escape from what is coming. Would you enter inside the black Lada 1500 Special, if that would’ve meant that everyone you love is left behind? What awaits at the end of the road? The journey has just begun.

Meet Vasily, a former Soviet soldier with a heavy burden on his soul, a man behind the steering wheel, racing with his destiny. Meet Ludmila, a young and perspective businesswoman, coping with the life of a misunderstood beauty. Meet Lada, a vehicle with the mind of its own, hastily cruising toward one place nobody returned from. Meet the fast-approaching destiny while an ancient Slavic Gods pull the strings attached to the world of mortals.

Feel the frost on the windshield. Feel the scare looming outside the door. Feel an urge to take a step in a direction that meets the dawn. Feel no pain, no remorse, no guilt, and happiness.

Join my Patreon, enter inside the black Lada, and take a ride.


P.S.: Here is the cover design for the story.

Dark forest with empty road in receding light

Spooky dark forest with empty road in receding light. Emotional, gothic background, eerie natural scene concept.

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