Wait until I fall asleep

Inspired with an article I found on the AVKF portal, I decided to create six different novel ideas, write them in the form of a blurb because I didn’t make a short story in time. All of the images and short summaries of the idea were posted on my Patreon where you can find them all and read them. Join any tier and download an original document with these ideas.

Among those six blurbs and images “Wait until I fall asleep” was the only horror genre I wrote. This cover design won in the contest on my blog. As I promised, I am giving you one blurb and a book cover.

Let’s start.

Wait until I fall asleep

Horror, action, thriller, paranormal

Shortest blurb: The boy’s nightmares come to life while he is asleep and his mother must fight them off and protect her son because monsters want to kill him.

Original post from Patreon: A mother is trying to put her son to the bed. The boy struggles to get in his pajamas, cries, and does not want to lay still. His mother cries too and persuades him to go to sleep.

Wait until I fall asleepFifteen minutes later, strange things happen while the boy’s mother puts on a hand-made protective gear. She grabs a kitchen knife and bars the doors in the house. Shadows transform into the claws, the light is flickering, and several hands try to knock down the door while the mother runs through the rooms. The monster falls from the ceiling and lands in a living room. It is in the shape of a muscular and tall human with a fish head instead of a human head. It has long claws, hairy chest, and fat shins. The monster is slow, but the long and slim tail whips around, injuring the boy’s mother. She falls back on to the table and breaks it in half. She pulls the splinters from her forearm and slashes the monster across the face. A dozen stabs later, the beast fades away, and a bright morning is shining from the window. The house falls silent before the bedroom door cracks open, and a sleepy boy rubbing his eyes comes out to greet his mother.

The mother, tired, beaten and bloodied from the fight, kisses her son, grateful she survived through the night. Both of them know that she fought the monster from the boy’s nightmare. If the boy does not sleep every night, the nightmares become stronger whenever the boy falls asleep.

On the other side, it is a mother’s turn to sleep, and whenever she dreams, the world becomes magical.

The outline: Maya Perez and her son live in a small place near Madrid. Their classic Mediterranean house was grown in vines and the forested front yard was divided with a dusty path leading toward the town. Their life seemed idyllic until it’s nighttime and time to go to bed.

Xavier Perez defied his mother and didn’t want to sleep. The last time he was awake for three days, his father succumbed to a peculiar event that keeps happening whenever Xaviar goes to bed. It’s been two months since Xavier’s father passed away and grim rumors keep finding their way to reach the family home.

At nightfall, Maya nervously prepared Xavier to go to bed. Her son kept finding ways not to sleep, ran through the house screaming, hid at places his mother wouldn’t find him. Maya had the patience for her son’s behavior and kept trying to persuade Xavier that he needed to sleep. The boy’s face changed into horrified expression, knowing what happens when he closes his eyes and sink into the world of dreams.

Eventually, Xavier gets into his pajamas, Maya kisses him for goodnight, leaves the room, and locks the door. No one is ready for what follows.

Old wooden beams in the ceiling began to squeak, windows are rattling and the light flickers. Maya roams the house, dressing up extra layers of clothes, while the living room changes its form. The floor is moving in waves as if the lungs of a dormant beast. The cracks appeared in the walls while Maya was adjusting bent metal plates around her torso and arms. The air became heavy with the dust sifting from above while Maya armed herself with a kitchen knife and a dining tray she transformed into a shield.

Xavier’s wellbeing is the only thing on her mind while she watches the framed family pictures. It is time.

Shadows danced on the walls, their tentacle form prolonged into claws. The ceiling gave out under the pressure of a monster that punched a hole and descended on to the living room floor.

A fish-head on the male human body in excellent shape, with scales on the neck and hairy chest, long boney fingers and splintered nails, roared in the room. Maya attacked the monster, but the “FishHead” extended his arm and threw Maya against the wall. She fell down out of breath, took the knife that fell out of her hand, and got to her feet. A mass of black snakes bundled together like grapes poured through the ceiling like lava, hissed and slithered on the floor, slowly taking the whole room and the walls. The monster growled, wrapped its veiny palms around Maya’s neck, and began squeezing. Maya slashed the FishHead’s back of the palm, screamed, and kicked the monster. FishHead’s pirana teeth glistened while the jaw gapped to bite Maya’s head. Maya stuck the blade inside the monster’s mouth and pulled it across before the FishHead closed the jaw.

The blood, like acid, began burning the snakes and fire broke out in the kitchen. The smoke rose along with the squirming snakes that frantically tried to escape the living room.

The Monster growled in pain, let the Maya go, and stepped back. Maya attacked him again, now running her knife through the FishHead’s guts, spilling his intestines over the fire spreading. Parts of Maya’s clothes caught flames, but she kept slashing and stabbing the monster.

Fishhead fell apart, the snakes covered his enormous size laying on the ground where the mass of them began deflating. Snakes escaped the room through the hole in the ceiling when the fires and the smoke began clearing on their own. Everything that was broken returned to the original form.

The room fell quiet, as the house became stable again. Maya noticed the Sun is coming out and heard a knock on the bedroom door. Xavier called for her, he was done sleeping. His mother rushed to unlock him and saw him rubbing his sleepy eyes. Both of them were happy, Maya cried, while Xavier sobbed in her sweater.

End day one.

Maya still has to go to work, Xavier needs to go to kindergarten where they also have to take a mid-day nap. It’s a problem both of them are aware of. Maya will take him to the kindergarten, and pick him up just before the class goes to bed.

She took him to the kindergarten, went to work where she does part-time house delivery. Traffic jam holds her from reaching kindergarten in time. The preschool teacher clapped her hands calling the children to gather their things and dress their pajamas. Will Maya get there in time?

Yes, Maya got to the kindergarten fifteen minutes late. Other children were asleep, but Xavier was awake because the preschool teacher let him sit at the desk and wait there for Maya. People have questions for Maya about the bruises and cuts on her face and hands. Maya blames work for injuries and her own carelessness.

On the drive home, Xavier fell asleep on the backseat, but Maya kept him awake, screamed, and shook him to open his eyes. They must get home before the nightmare becomes real. …. Use your imagination for the rest.

Fun facts:  Maya trains MMA over the internet because she must be fit and able to fight the monsters.

The more Xavier is awake and doesn’t sleep, the stronger the monsters become. His nightmares become stronger when Xavier is awake and get weaker during the time he is growing up. This is a result of his imagination dying. As people become adults, imagination and lucid dreams become rare.

FishHead is just one out five monsters that keep coming to haunt Xavier. FishHead is modeled to Xavier’s image of the father.

Among them, there is a ChainMan who is a hooded wraith with chains for weapons and uses them as whips.

Lady Spider is a model of a grumpy old lady living down the street that Xavier hates because she once scared him with a spider and made him enter a wood shack that was covered spider web.

Feral is a brown, white and black spotted hell-hound re-imagined from a stray dog that chased Xavier in the schoolyard. You can think of the rest.

Want to write a novel?

This is it. I hope I inspired you to write that novel. I am going to use this idea and write a story. I never wrote anything in the horror genre and this idea is good enough for me to give it a shot.

If you want to write a novel based on this idea, you can go on for miles, implement new characters, invent new traumas or use yours, pick another country instead of Spain like I did, and write whatever you like.

I’d like to read your comments and takes on this idea. If you think I should keep inventing new original novel ideas, write blurbs, and create cover art for them, let me know. This project was fun and I could do it again, but only if you want me to.


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