Pick a cover design to get a novel idea

Inspired by an article with a dozen novel ideas written in the form of a blurb, I created my own list of six original ideas. This list with additional cover design solutions is posted on my Patreon and the ideas are reserved only to my patrons. However, with respect to all my followers and readers, I am willing to give you one for free.

You only need to comment under this post and name which cover design you like the best. The picture that gets the most favor, is the one I am going to give for free along with a blurb, a rough outline, and fun details.

Chose wisely.


The Fifth brigade

The fifth brigade



Alternative history, drama, thriller





Hold me down

Hold me down




Heavy science fiction, thriller





The Constellation

The Constellation




Heavy military fiction, drama, thriller




Wait until I fall asleep

Wait until I fall asleep




Horror, action, thriller, paranormal









Biopunk, contemporary fiction, thriller








Criminal thriller, mystery, action




The deadline is due August 5th. On August 6th, I am posting a blurb for the cover design of your choice. Good luck, and have fun.


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