Blurbs for unwritten novels 1

Alright, I missed my chance to write the third part of “Pieces of Hell” saga, but I am doing my best to write what I owe you for the next month. Because I didn’t write a story, I decided to do the next best thing. I am giving you novel ideas for free.

I saw an article on the sci-fi portal AVKF and got inspired to create six novel ideas for you. Along with the blurbs describing the plot of the novel, I made a cover design for each and every blurb I wrote. Those images are there to intrigue your imagination while you read the blurb. My intentions are to wake up your creativity and provide fun reading material.

These blurbs, I mean, the document containing blurbs, is going to be a Patreon exclusive content, available only to my Patrons. I am sorry. I am going to share the images on my Instagram and here, on my blog, and try attracting more people to my Patreon. For every blabbering expect one cover image without the context and concept behind it. You can see and guess what the novel is about, but I doubt you will figure it out.

If you want to support my work, and support me, please, consider joining my Patreon and help me thrive.

You can become a patron and read the blurbs on this POST.

Until the next time, take care and bye.



P.S: I play with the images a lot. Here is one cover image for unwritten novel that I made a while ago.

5G operator


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