Desert Fox (story and critique)

A lonely Marine ran across the desert, ran for his life, ran tirelessly. From whom was he running away? Will he escape his destiny? Which one is faster, life or death? What will happen to a Marine while bullets buzz around him? Salvation comes late; enter Hell, a promised land for those that try tricking the Ripper.

Enter an alternative world of “Pieces of Hell”, see your reflection in the mirror of parallel universe. Join a Marine on his quest to reach his base. Join him on a journey that flows through a grim landscape filled with smoke. Omens and glowing shadows appear before the Marine as he tried to understand what happened back in the desert. Can someone explain it to him? Will he ever find out? Can a strange desert fox be of some help? The signs lead to nowhere; struggling is futile. The Marine and his newfound companion set a new path to keep looking for clues long gone in the sand carried by desert winds.

A total eclipse lasts for ages as if the Sun shies away from humankind. Is this Hell? Is this Hell?

Join my Patreon and read the story before anyone else. Join me and get a custom short story by your design. Throw me a challenge, pick a setting, character’s name, era and specifics details to be mentioned, and let’s make a story worthy of reading.

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Desert fox

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