Pieces of Hell – Desert Fox (announcement)

Desert fox

Whenever a war happens, many start to look for a deeper meaning of life. Every soldier is on a quest to find answers. “Where am I?” “How did I got here?” “Am I a good person?”… questions line up as chaotic vertigo named War rises before the eyes of a Marine.

Every man must find his path; sometimes, the trail leads to nothing.

Will a Marine in this story find what he was looking for? Will he manage to survive the war, find his way out, and where the road ends? Find out in the new story, “Desert Fox.”

This story is an artistic expression of mine and it is a second part of the series of “Pieces of Hell” saga. Stories are not plot-related, but more connected on an emotional level. The story comes out on June 25th, 2020 and I hope you’re going to like it.

I give you a cover art which is something I borrowed from the internet and modified it in Photoshop. I used sample pictures and effects to create a new painting. Mostly, I added the necessary elements like smoke and did some color corrections here and there. Overall, the process took me about 30 minutes to get it done. For the next stray, I will try to do something more… let’s say artistic and original.

Also, here is a snippet, something to get your imagination going.

Desert fox1

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Until the next time, take care and bye.


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