Pieces of Hell – The Bunker (story and critique)

POH bunker cover art

Get involved in a World war 2 drama.

Get to know British officers facing a tremendous problem.

What is more important than incoming battles, the safety of men, and a chain of command. One letter will change their world, flip it upside down, spin their heads, and bring the whole advancing lines to a halt. Enemy attacks, high caliber projectiles whistle along with the ping of shells cast from the turret. Brace for cover! Everybody, inside the bunker, saves ourselves, lads. A letter from afar bares a piece of information crucial for tensed battle formations. Confusion lingers in the bunker, Colonel Darby, his loyal compatriot Major Greenfield and Captain Hills ponder what to do. How will they defuse the situation? Find out in my new story “The Bunker”.

Click on the LINK, join my Patreon army of Commanders, and download the story from any tier provided. Read, enjoy, and share.

POH Bunker

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