Pieces of Hell – The Bunker (announcement)

It’s the time of the Second World War when a group of officers comes across a problem concerning one of the Lieutenants. What is the problem that holds the war? What is so important about a Lieutenant that grinds everything to a halt? Is there a solution and a chance for victory? Find out in a new short story by Shawn.

The bunker somewhere in the countryside is a meeting place where Colonel Darby, Major Greenfield, and Captain Hills are going to solve a mystery about one of the Lieutenants in the Queen’s army. The time is running out, and they need to react fast. Their lives and the lives of other soldiers are at stake. Depended on what these three decide, it will severely influence the outcome of the war. Chances of victory are slim, but there is hope. Hope dies the last.

This story is part one from the series I called “Pieces of Hell”. I plan to make several parts done artistically and experimentally just for your pleasure. Stay tuned for more news about my creative process. Get ready for a ride down the emotional, melancholic, and nihilistic path. I plan to show you some exciting stories and ideas of what the darkness and hopelessness look like through the prism of an ordinary person.

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POH Bunker

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