I usually don’t do this, but damn if I don’t try to do some good. Here is the situation. I am a member of an Association of science fiction “Hitchhikers guide through fantasy” based in Serbia. I help run the portal where we daily post news considering fiction. We post short stories and we publish books and magazines. We are a voluntary association. We make no money from our work. We do this solely on a passion for fiction genres and nothing else.

In my line of work, I need to socialize with writers and authors who provide us news articles and additional help. I met many brilliant folks, smart, kind, fun, interesting in every segment. We are not a big union of fans, but we do exist.

This pandemic made things harder, especially when most of the hospitals are turned into pandemic facilities and if you are sick, your options are slim. There aren’t enough places you can go to to get treatment and here is the problem.

I met and had a privilege to talk to one of the kindest and smartest personas in my vicinity. Her name is Ksenija. She is an author. She wrote the novel “Black diamond” and “Mentor”. She is young, inspiring, and helpful. She aided my association and me to have a stand on one of the biggest book fairs in Serbia and provided us space to promote our work, books, novels, and everything that goes hand in hand with it. It may be a few of us, but we protect our own.


She is pregnant. She has a heart condition and it’s serious. If it was me in her position, I wouldn’t ask you for anything. I’d try to walk it off like a man and keep my mouth shut. I don’t do this for me, or Ksenija. I do this for her child. Her problem is with me all the time. I can’t sit and do nothing. I must ask for your help.

Every dollar counts. Every action helps her deliver baby in a sterile room with medical assistance her condition demands.

Here is her GoGetFunding page where you can donate.

Donate as much you can afford, and then please reblog my post, and share it on social media. It would mean a lot to me, but it would mean a lot more to Ksenija and her unborn baby. Don’t just listen to me, but see what she wrote in her GoGetFunding campaign.

“Hi everyone! I am soon to be a first-time mom in Serbia. I have a serious heart condition (complete AV block) and an implanted pacemaker to keep me alive. Due to coronavirus, our hospitals are busy and most of them turned to COVID centers. There is only one designated for pregnant women and it is crowded and understaffed. Many doctors are in isolation and I have been advised to deliver my baby in a private hospital, which I can not afford because both me and my husband have lost our jobs due to the pandemic. I am terrified that I won’t be able to get the special care I need during the delivery and that something will happen to me or the baby. I know it is in the last moment, but I have hoped until now that the health care system would not fail me, and that the situation would get better. So far I haven’t been able to get even an appointment at the hospital, all my checkups are done at private hospitals which we are paying for with the help of our friends and family. But the delivery price is just too much. The cost covers a C-section, special cardiology team, and hospital stay in ICU and recovery. Receipts will be posted in the updates.

I am due in June, and I need this amount until then. I will gladly post updates and photos to keep everyone informed and everything transparent.

Thank you, every little donation will help us! ❤️”

And I will also participate and keep you informed about her situation.

We can do this. Let’s help Ksenija become a mother.

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