Domes of Whirland (snippet)

Domes of Whirland

Pending war is due to its waiting and the upcoming clash will be the biggest one yet the world has seen. Kingdom of Whirland allied with Mountain tribes will soon meet the Red Tekkian horde on the battlefield. The hope shattered, the courage tested, the cunning challenged, one will prevail as a victor, the second shall retreat to shadows. But who will win? Who will lose? Find out in the novel “Domes of Whirland”.

It is a slow afternoon when the tribal leader came to the mountain to ask his god Gar’on for protection and guidance. Instead of a heavenly voice booming from the cloud, he got a shaman’s apprentice as an answer. Nobody could suspect what that meant and where this joined team will lead them, but they could sense that there is a long way to go until the peace is established in the valley and brought home.

The Kingdom of Whirland, a prosperous, yet troubled realm is soon to be struck yet again by an old enemy coming from the steppe. Royal family, absent King and an heir to the throne faces the greatest challenge in their life. Should they abandon their tradition and the rules and look for safeguarding their people, or should they be a rock to which the war tide will break over and spill back to the steppe? What is their plan to defeat the forces of rider counting over 100 000 battle born men? Will the mountain tribes help them repel the enemy? Will shaman’s apprentice be enough to drive the enemy away?

For this month of February, I am giving you a snippet from a novel I am working on. The story follows a young shaman’s apprentice, a man trained in combat, tactics and schooled by his mentor to foresee the future and device a plan to win the war. Written in epic fantasy, this novel will test the definition of courage and personal values. The novel itself is a fast-paced story of love and inner fights one warrior has during his quest to defend what he thinks is important. There is no damsel in distress, no dragons who breathe fire, no stereotypes common for the genre. But there are magic, oracles, dark spirits lurking about and unyielding resolve to survive.

The post is on my Patreon account and is available to all the Patrons and tiers. For only 2$, you can read this piece and many more. If you are not fond of clicking over link found in questionable blog posts, rest assure, the snippet is coming public on March 5th, 2020. I would still urge you to become a Patron, be a member of my CyberCorpse army and aid me with translating my first novel “Dronstad – The Quarantine”.

The piece provided is not edited as the whole novel is in the writing process. The plan is to edit the complete novel with a professional and then scout for a good publisher, perhaps even self-publish if I have the means to do that.

Domes of Whirland WP

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