Nighttime blabbering 385

Nothing to report, really. I got a slight heart attack when I saw the date and thought I forgot to post the snippet on my Patreon, but realized I have 3 more days until that. It’s a shame I can’t schedule it and just forget about it. I guess, waiting won’t kill me and I am excited to hear from you what do you think about the novel I am working on. It’s epic fantasy, something I only tried doing in short form, but never gave everything I’ve got to write a novel. Still, some skills and knowledge I got from all this writing translated into this genre very well. I have no doubt that “Domes of Whirland” will be a smasher.

Currently, I gave myself a brief holiday while I am looking at what will I write next and what else is there to try regarding genres and styles. For the next month, I am tempted to do a poetic science fiction piece with not much of a plot, but a lot about the emotions. Mmm, it seems like something I haven’t tried before and it could benefit me in the long run with the drama segments in the novels I plan on writing. I count it as a good practice. I’ll see how it goes.

For the third paragraph, I really have nothing to say. My life is becoming mundane again, which is not a bad, nor good thing, It just is that way and I kind of enjoy it for now. Freelancing is going all right, not good, not terrible. My employer and I hit a stall until he finishes some of his work with other freelancers and voice actors. We correspond and talk about the project. So far, I think he sees me as a friend and we talk a lot about our daily struggles. I guess he finds me interesting, and I find him a good company. You meet fun people every day, and that should be the message of this post.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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