Nighttime blabbering 384

Currently, I am doing another story for the previously mentioned contest. The first may be salvaged for Patreon needs, but this second one shows a lot more promise. I was struggling to find a good viewpoint, the core of a story to base the plot on. With the first one, I kind of threaded onto a novel material, which is something I did before with stories you read here. This process of finding good ideas was somewhat natural to me, but now I am having difficulties. I can’t blame this oddity to writer’s block because you have an idea but you don’t have words to write it. This is different. I don’t have an idea, to begin with. Writing titles and picking one you like doesn’t work anymore, not like it did before. Now, I am just patiently waiting for something to hit me. And it did.

A little bit about the contest, in case you forgot about it. This is a regional competition for all writers that base their work on fiction. This means that many prominent writers and authors will forward their stories and hope to win. I am merely a beginner, an amateur in this field, but the contest clearly stated the stories must be in military fiction. This is good news since I had a lot of practice in this field, specifically writing short stories inspired by military fiction and similar genres. Now, I am not so sure I got what it takes, but I am willing to give my best shot at this with something original.

I know those experienced, awarded authors know their skills very well. Even if their plot is mediocre, they got the style to write with magic and tell a good tale of something. Those new to this will fall in a mold the genre is dictating, which can be my advantage point and create something different from all of them together.

My aim is set to tell a story that nobody read before, show myself as a promising talent that will soon publish his military fiction trilogy. Today, I march on and keep my head high.

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