Domes of Whirland (announcement)

Where lays an honor? Is it in the heart of a Chieftain or the mind of a shaman?

In the creeping war coming from the steppe, a Kingdom of Whirland will stand and defend its lands. In the sandstorm blackening the Sun, knights shall side with their longtime enemy, the mountain Clans, to repel the enemy. The chances for victory are slim, yet the hope flickers in a mountain shaman who devised a plan to defeat the Red Horde. And the fray is coming for him in a form of hooded horse riders armed with bows and bright sabers. Will his plan work? Will he save his people and the Kingdom of Whirland with its six domes? Will the divine Gar’on, protector of the mountain, aid his devoted worshiper against the dark forces crossing the river? Find out in a new novel “Domes of Whirland” by Shawn.

Find the full announcement at my Patreon account.

I present you with an unedited snippet from the novel.

Domes of Whirland WP

And here is the book cover which needs a bit more work with the proportions in order to become a real cover that can be used.

Domes of Whirland

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