Nighttime blabbering 383

Where do I start? Um, work, work, work. I extended the novelette to a decent size now, but I am still at the beginning. My efforts go to add an interesting subplot, something that will seep in and slowly influence the storyline, but also provide motivation in characters to take actions which can’t be described as righteous at first. Context matters. That’s the point of this post.

You can tell a story and it will seem plastic. You can describe a story and it will be vivid. But if you give a mystery that needs time to explain itself, your customer will keep reading, just to crack the case from the beginning of the novel. This is what I am doing right now with former “Domes of Draksia”, that finally got a real title “Domes of Whirland”. Oh, yeah, I am gonna take you on a journey, an adventure and punch everything you know about middle ages. Oh, yeah, you remember my story “The Captain of the Silver Feather”? Yup, the tone is the same if not amplified.

I got in this writing frenzy and oh… my… God… I freakin’ love this energy when you completely devote yourself to something. It’s so damn good.

Anyway, get ready for a cover reveal and the novel announcement. I’ll give you a proper introduction and 10 pages of a novel on my Patreon, like every month. After the novel is done, which I don’t have a deadline for, I am sending this to my good friend Cage Dunn, and after that, I’ll be looking for a publisher. The idea behind this will be to introduce me to a wider audience, perhaps get a good deal and try making a series of epic fantasy short novels. Is there a niche for that? I don’t have a clue.

If this novel goes well, I may plan on making the best of me, a collection of short stories from my blog (redesigned, edited and corrected versions) combined with the best from my Patreon with added a few other stories that were never posted anywhere. It seems like a possibility, but I am not sure if I am going to pursue that for sure. Besides, I plan on all of you to throw me suggestions which story should be in this little pocketbook.

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