Nighttime blabbering 382

Success again! This day was reserved for some heavy action involved running the SciFi portal for the Association as a part of the deal I have with them. I got the whole week stacked full with fresh articles, which gives me time to do other things, like making sure I edited that piece that goes on Patreon. It also gave me time to make a cover image, and the best thing yet, I can use it as a book cover when editing and proofreading are done. Overall, this week has just begun and I already made use of it. Now, I can focus on editing my novel and looking for more job opportunities on Upwork.

About freelancing. I am lacking so much confidence, as I’ve been told by you before. I can’t shake that feeling off that I am not good enough or that if I set my price high, it’s practically a rip-off. I question my skills and the quality of work I do. Is there a thing called “too humble for his own good”? Now, I am not looking for a pick me up, or anything, I am just voicing my inner thoughts here. Still, I plan to go slow and play it safe with a few more deals for a low price until I build my job portfolio. Only then I will consider applying for some high tier jobs with really good pay.

Let’s play a high-low game for a second. If you were given the proposal to write 1000 words for 8 US dollars, would you take it? And it’s not just a nonsensical piece, but a good SEO friendly article on a topic you know nothing about. I am just wondering. Given the fact that my knowledge of English is intermediate, and that it’s not easy to find a job as a freelancer, is the price of 8 bucks something you’d go for? Now, my answer is, well, why not, money is money and I like helping people with their writing problems. Some of them have an idea, but can’t word it properly, or the deadline is around the corner so you do need help with writing those 100 articles you’ve been given to do by Sunday. This is where freelance platforms come in with a plethora of skillful people who can provide service for a reasonable fee. And there are thousands of them better than me. I am sure of it.

The thing is, I never thought about money or finances. It comes and it goes, but it is so much easier when you don’t need to worry if you have enough when you are going to the store. As older I get, the question of finance is reoccurring. The worry becomes real by the day, but hey, I got a good starting point with this freelance and I am satisfied with my Patreon, even if the original plan for it hasn’t come true.

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4 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 382

  1. eight bucks for a thousand words? Consider this: I get fifty bucks for eight thousand words, but only if they really, really like it enough to publish it (and it’s the publishing date that gets me paid, not the production date).
    Would I take eight bucks for a thousand words? Blood oath, mate.

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    • Yeah, but I can only do about one article in a two days. I need to research, conceptualize the text, and then start writing it. I can’t do it on the go. So, add a free days and working days, you are looking at the 100 $ per month. I mean, that’s not a sum to neglect, but it’s not the amount regular people make here. A side job, yes, freelancing is perfect for pocket money. I am looking at this as a carrier, side job along with all the side jobs I already do. I don’t know. At least I get paid.

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