Nighttime blabbering 380

I am about to finish the 9th script for my employe and send it to him. The fun I get researching different nationalities and cultures can’t be compared with how I rarely paid attention to those things in the past. It is certainly useful knowledge to have. Even though I never left my country Serbia, I get this feeling that I saw something new. So far, I had a chance to learn some Australian slang, some Jamaican words, and beliefs, some Uzbekistan fact and so much more about my own region since he had scripts about characters from Balkan. Overall, this is a fun and pleasant task I got on me.

The writer’s block strikes again. I spent the whole day yesterday trying to write a story for the contest that comes up to an end in a few months. I can’t find a motive to wrap the story around it, so it’s just a couple of scenes without context. Ugh, I am going to recycle it and start over. I have a story in mind, something mystery based and hired-gun type of plot in my mind, but I feel many writers are going to write that. Military fiction is so much more than soldiers going in guns blazing and having some laconic dialogues. Military fiction is about a lifestyle and problems a soldier has to overcome. It’s about suffering, doing the right thing, trying to understand the chaos around you and have a healthy mind in all that crazy world. And I am missing a good plot, a message, a reason for suffering, a moral of the story.

I keep going for the “Your Rain” storyline that will come out publicly in a few days. I try not to copy my own work. That would be lazy. I am thinking about Cage’s suggestion, add a quest for a code that does something, and yet, all scenarios I run in my head are somewhat similar to the “Your Rain” story. Am I going dull? What happened with that creativity I had 2 years ago? I don’t have answers.

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