Nighttime blabbering 379

Holy Moly, I am working full steam. I’ve been getting a lot of tasks from all over. Yeah, I still work with that pleasant guy on Upwork, I have a few more scripts to make for him, but I am also getting requests from a friend that is meeting his deadline with a similar task from Upwork. And here I thought, I will have a problem finding work and jumpstarting my career. Well, so far, if I calculate how much I make in a day, it’s like I am earning a bit more over the minimum salary in Serbia. That is not bad at all since this is my first month on the platform. Other months will be better, touch the wood and hold your fingers crossed for that.

My creative side is on halt for the moment until I find some spare time to think of a story for the next month. Since we are talking about that, would you like to see five pages of a novel I am working on? Domes of Draksia is the working title, but I am going to change that to something more appealing. It is an epic fantasy genre with a high volume of magic, but it’s not a fairy tale, so watch out for gory parts. I know you have a sensitive stomach, so I will leave those parts out. How does that sound? Also, you need to know it will sound awfully familiar because this novel was a 25 part novelette posted here. I removed it when ma Commanders encouraged me to take it down and really develope it into something more solid. And I listened. For now, I am on page 30, out of 90. It’s around 40 000 words, which means I need to add at least 50 000 more to have a decent novel. Edit is going to eat up around 10 000 words, so I will have a concrete piece with 80 000 words. Wordcount is not decisive, but some rules must be obeyed. Think about it. A normal epic fantasy novel has 240 000 words, minimum. Good epic fantasy can have 300 000 words and here I am struggling to punch measly 90 000.

So, a piece of a novel for the next month? What say you, my brethren in Quill?

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