Nighttime blabbering 378

I am rushing to finish one more script before this month ends. I grew to be fast and efficient when working with those. They are fun when you get to know what the game is about. For the first freelance assignment, I am pretty satisfied with how everything goes. If you expected some UpWork essay and my experience, it will be written in the future, only if I get a bit more experienced. So far, I’ll recommend it to anybody who has enough time for a second job. The pay is not huge at the beginning, but I barely started. We’ll see how it turns out later on when everything is safe within my grasp.

Um, the story I posted on my Patreon, I can say it got people interested and that is what I was looking for. For the next month, I don’t have an idea of what would you people like to see. I am open to suggestions.

The story I had a problem with, the one I intended for competitive writing, yeah. It’s halfway done, but I hit a big problem while writing it. I am at the culmination point and I don’t have the background meaning and a message I wanted to convey. The story is all looks, no soul. And that ground my creative process to a halt. Now I can safely say I am meant for novels, not really short stories. What I planned to put in a story, well, it turned out it is valuable and potentially a novel material. I didn’t want to prolong this, yet I threaded into a world that combines several cyberpunk genres into one. This means I have come against uncharted territory with lots of new and interesting aspects to the genre research. Still, I need a story and I am working on finding the soul for it. I need a day or two when I am not working on a script and develop this segment to the fullest. It is a base level for every story, or else, you don’t have a good foundation to build on.

Mind the little things that spoil your writing fever.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

3 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 378

  1. Luck to you – I like to look for a verb to portray the actions, and link it to the theme, especially if I’ve finished the story and still not sure which of the threads is to be the theme.
    For example: [character] hounds her quarry in the name of vengeance – but does she forgive herself if her acts align with her opposite?
    Or something like that.

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      • I’m both. Write out a basic plan for each character so they all have motivations and stakes, then a rough plan for the events and how each of the characters is aiming for what they want, and then, when I start writing, the plan is left behind in the dust – or mud, as the case may be! All fun on the unsealed road to a journey in story.

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