Nighttime blabbering 377

Get ready for tomorrow because “Your rain” is coming out to my Patreon. Yes, this time you get an illustration and the critique. Yes, it’s in PDF file and I can add doc. file too. And yes, the story is very interesting and fun. I am proud of this one. The process of making it was just like in the good old times when I could sit down and make a story for an hour and not worry about the quality. Editing took a bit more than I hoped for, however, the result is visible. My editor that keeps looking at these says she sees my improvement. That is always nice to hear. She is very skillful, but sometimes too busy to sit down and review it. Even that is the case, she really liked this one. I used an experimental technique and tried to write it in a column type text where you need to switch from what happened before and what is happening in the present. It is a double story, a story within a story divided into clear scenes. Is that enough to get you interested? Become a Patron and read it when it comes fresh from the oven.

My freelancing job is going well, thank you for asking. There isn’t much I can add. I do these scripts, always try to beat my previous record and provide a compelling character arc. My employer is going through the roof with excitement, and I am suspicious about it. Does he really likes it, or is it a motivation he tries to give me? Anyway, I strive not to disappoint. So far, I got efficient with punching in the funny lines a commando would say. Let’s hope the gamers who chose one of my warriors like them and have a laugh or two while playing.

When I post everything I had in mind, I am going to take some rest for the day. I desperately need to get some quality sleep.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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