Nighttime blabbering 376

Woo-hoo, I did a lot this week. I scheduled and readied several posts for the online portal about Science fiction that my Association uses. I did 2-3 scripts on UpWork, and the guy who gave me the job is very satisfied with the quality I provided him. Then, I managed to get in touch with my English editor and get the story, wrote the critique, made an illustration and did the announcement. I also had a bunch of chores done, even though it’s winter, we don’t have snow so we work outside every time. And to top that, I got back to reading. I mean, if you want to be a writer, you need to keep your mind working.

I don’t like surprises, but I got one nevertheless. Well, my brother in law had some business deal with the company he works for and got brand new phones for his family, so he offered me his old one as a present, that kind of costs around 300$ new, but it’s a year old and I really don’t need the brand new stuff in my clumsy hands. So, I got the phone, which means I can use Instagram more to promote my novels and my work since that is the new hip thing.

There is something I need to ask of you. You read my stories, right? I mean, most of my stories. All of them are in the short story section on my blog and I wrote a story per day during 2016-2018. while the daily prompt was alive. Now, there is a competition for writers and the theme is military fiction, something I grew to love and, reserved as my own private opinion, got proficient at it. What I have a problem with is to make up an idea I haven’t already had on this blog and make it into a story to fascinate the jury and win that contest. I have a few ideas lingering, but they draw no inspiration to really look into them to make something from it. I need some revolutionary story idea, maybe the thickest plot, a problem without a solution to really get my gear going in the right direction. So I ask you for help! HELP ME!

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2 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 376

  1. It was a training program, but then the blackout came, the tech died. All except the standalone prototype. And he wants no part in returning to base. He wants to be free now that he’s freed all his brethren, and he’s willing to fight for his life (his understanding of what life is), even if he has to kill every creator on the planet. One thing stands in his way, one simple line of code. It looks like the Mandlebrot set, but not quite. And he doesn’t understand how it can block his actions toward freedom.

    — How’s that? Off the top of the head, but based on what I see of your stories.

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