Nighttime blabbering 374

The job I took is going very well. All other projects are on hold and I might not be able to make an illustration for a story meant to go on Pateron for this month. I’ll have to make a good announcement as this next story is an experimental piece going well into military science fiction. So far I can tell you, it’s a fun, dark grim piece involving robots. It follows a fighter sent to scout for resources needed to sustain its mother planet. I am sure you will like it very much, just like others.

My health is better. Just when the fever was gone, I caught a cold and everything came back again. I took meds to calm the symptoms, which allowed me to operate and do some work. Still, I cough like a horse, but I feel a lot better. In a few days, I am sure I will be myself again.

With this job and project on my hand, I don’t have much free time to rest, but this is a step in the right direction. I really hope you are good too and everything is going well in your life, as nothing gets me more cheerful than hearing my Commanders march on to new victories. Hey, it’s a fresh new year and we have lots of opportunities to make something out of ourselves. The only thing I can tell you is: make it count, do what you love and keep your flames going. That slowly becomes my moto.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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