Nighttime blabbering 373

Well, tonight my people and I celebrate the so-called Serbian New Year. Yeah, we have that. My countrymen began celebrating the 25th of December when Catholics practice Christmas, then my folk celebrates New Year’s Eve on 31st December, then we have Orthodox Christmas on 6th January, and finally, we have 13th January as an Orthodox New Year’s Eve. When this goes, we then wait for the Chinese New Year, because we like to party and drink. Not our religion? Who cares?! Let’s get drunk.

Um, a friend asked me how would I define a story, what it means, how do I see it. And I couldn’t refrain from going into a poetic monolog about convictions and artistic aspects on art and what writers do. Even so, I think I got it right. Well, a good story needs all of the elements of a good story with an introduction, plot, and culmination. That is just the basics. You need building blocks to stack them and create a good, solid story. But the message, the moral of the story gives it a long life. Try seeing it this way. You build a house like kids draw it. It looks nice, but then you see some gothic structure with ornaments and proportionate blocks, the moss color of the edges, gargoyle standing watch, the huge dome above and everything around it which makes it beautiful. And it is far more beautiful than that kid’s drawing and the house you made. But, that gothic building is not just any building, it is a cathedral, a holy place, a temple of worship. It’s not ordinary. This fact makes this building more respectable. This is the soul, the message of the story, that one thing that makes this building more interesting than the others.

So, when writing a story, or a novel, make sure you have the right idea and that everything about what you are going to write can give an answer to a troubling question. Only when that world is alive in your head, you will know the time is right to write it down. If anybody can find a plothole and drive your creative effort to a halt, you haven’t thought about everything and creating this world will be much harder when you already laid the concept on paper. Try finding answers to all the crucial questions, do research on things and theories you have, investigate the genre you’d like to write, plan, plan, plan, then give it a shot, but don’t invest everything, see if you need more work on it. If you get all confident about the concept in your head, grab that typewriter and don’t let it go until you wrote down the last letter of that story, novel, script.

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