Nighttime blabbering 272

Something weird happened. I told you a few nights ago about getting a virus. Remember that, right? Well, it passed, but now my sinuses are going crazy. I don’t know what is going on, but I took a pill just in case it grows into a full-on cold.

In other news, I landed a job on my UpWork. If there is a God, he did pay attention to me and my little problem of sustainability. The pay is not much, but I am very happy for a good start in the new year. This was Godsend. Every morning, I know what am I going to do. I check the mails, the social media, the site I run for the Association, and then I get to UpWork and see what is my task today. I am still new, so everything is a challenge, but I learn fast and I got some great friends to land me advice. And the guy who hired me, well he is really nice and a good listener. It brings hope that there are many nice people to meet and to collaborate with.

Because of that, other things in my life are put on hold. I am looking forward to editing the novel. I am happy that the story for this month is already in editing. I am thrilled I still find time to write for this blog, and do all of my chores in a day. So far, the reorganization runs smoothly. Better things are surely stored for me… somewhere.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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