Nighttime blabbering 371

Four days ago, my sister came with her kids. We had no snow, we still don’t. I played with them indoors, had a fun time until the weekend came. My throat was kind of aching, which is a tale-tell sign I was getting a cold. Two days later, that spiraled out of control, the temperature was reaching critical levels and no medicine was dropping it. I was admitted to the emergency room and got a shot. The doctor prescribed me some heavy-duty pills and tablets to help me with the throat. Because my sinuses were clear and I haven’t had breathing problems, the logical conclusion was it was viral fever. I am fever free, but for the past three days, I am on a porridge diet. To make it worse, it’s the holidays, Orthodox Christmas is today, my family is feasting, while I slurp my boiled bread with a little salt and envy them. Right now, I can’t gulp the spit without a twitch of head. I freaking hate being sick.

But, it’s the holidays and usually Slavic folk great one another with a catchphrase roughly translated to “Peace of God. The Christ is born”, where a reply translates to “Indeed, he is born”. Traditionally this holly day is spent indoors, nobody is going to work, everything grinds to a halt and we spend this day with our complete family. That means my house is full of siblings, parents, cousins, and kids, where I am in quarantine trying to avoid contact, just not to pass this damn thing on to them. Don’t you love holidays? Don’t you love when everybody eats sweets, drink wine and laugh, while you spend your time in the corner like a hermit that never washed and glance at everybody?

At least I am a bit better now, at my computer, writing stories, writing essays and deep insight into fictional works of great authors. At least I’ll get the crumbs and pretend I have a Dickens Christmas.

Yeah, sleeping is out of the way because I get hiccups and strong pain that forbids me to shut my eyes. Yeah, I get very sleepy in the morning, but I can’t avoid family that keeps asking me how am I doing. So far, not the best Christmas I had. Maybe the next year, I’ll be healthy and energetic. Ugh, if I had a wish from Saint Nikkola, I want health and some good luck with all of my plans for 2020.

Peace of God. Christ is born everybody. I know you are not Orthodox, but hey, this holiday is universal. For those that want to know more about the tradition here in Serbia during Božić, click here and read all about it.

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