Nighttime blabbering 370

Well, I got my sister, her husband and their kids here with me during the holidays. I haven’t wished for a present, but I got one, to be with my family. Kids have grown, and we can have a proper conversation which is a fun exercise to see how their brain works. Their logic is so funny but so innocent and true, you go speechless in a minute. Playing is enriched by the imagination that swings wildly. I plan to keep that in them, but string it with control so they don’t mix real and fictional worlds. Yeah, that’s not good to have confused when you are a grown-up.

I’ll have some business to get to, so I scheduled the “Just Ashley” story and critique on January 5th for you. If you have some pocket change from New Year’s spending, you can still invest that in my Patreon and help me out with the translation of my first novel.

Editing a novel under the working title “Domes of Draksia” is postponed until the air clears and I see how UpWork works. Finding a job there is really hard. I need to find out the tricks on how you land a client. I am looking forward to working with what I like, which is not really work. You create stuff from thin air and yet, you enjoy every second of it.

One thing I know. Experience from WordPress pays up. Experience from Photoshop pays up. Experience from writing stories and novels pays up. Don’t stop experiencing, one day it will be useful.

Here’s Commander Kitten to entertain you while I deal with life.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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