Eulogy for 2019

I can’ believe it didn’t survive to see its birthday. Isn’t it sad for a year not to make a full circle like us, humans? Please, hold the tears. We must stay collected and move on. I believe that 2019 would want that for us to do.

I hold this eulogy for an old year, a friend we will remember fondly. Some got to know it a bit better due time, and some may want to forget it as fast as possible. I know, this year may not be what you expected, but it is the only one of it’s kind, and now she is leaving us brokenhearted. I also know that many of us will mourn over her and have trouble to cope with what the future holds for us. I know, we grew accustomed to having control and now it seems like we are slipping. Please, try seeing this as a new chapter in life, or in novels if you are writing those. Don’t hold it against the poor 2019, because she did it’s best to be your friend and be there for you. I want to believe it was all in good spirit, but you know what life is like, it always throws a curb ball at you and watches what will happen next.

I call for a moment of silence in the name of 2019. Recall all of those fine moments you had and those bad. We do remember the sad parts, we track time by it. It hurts, but it passed and now we can heal. Those are the things that belong to 2019 and now we slowly enter the twenties, time for a smart look, swing music, black patent leather shoes, spats and bow ties, and proper dictionary.

Let us look forward to the future and the grand oyster the world is. Let us take a moment to reflect on our deeds and mistakes. Let us bring back the chivalry where men are gentle and women are feminine. Let us be men and women, but humans first. Let us keep trying to grow into idols of our children and act according to our age, give help, be nicer and above all, let us be the cusp of the modern age that brings order is what it seems a crumbling society.

2019 was a year, good and bad in moments, just like us. We can call it one of our own, reject it, but we must not give up, put our hands down and stay passive. I wish you all that you would wish to a loving friend and then some more luck, a little bit more smiles, just a smudge more tolerance, and a moderately brighter perspective.

Thank you. Godbless. Amen.


Consider donating to the jar after the ceremony. Bless your heart.

2 thoughts on “Eulogy for 2019

    • You too, Viola. I always have in mind that nobody is perfect and nobody is bad. That is important because it allows us to see people who they are, not how they look. It inspires tolerance and empathy. 😀 I wish you everything you’d wish to a friend. 😀 Happy New Year, darling.

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