Nighttime blabbering 364

The thing is, this blockade keeps me away from coherent thought. There is an open call for submissions for the second issue of a printed magazine the Association is working on. I wrote, for what my editors said, the best story ever so far and they want it in that magazine. That’s good news, but, there is always a but in the story. I can’t force myself to edit it and change the second half of the story to make it more impactful.

You see, it starts great, the characters are colorful, natural, strong and defined. The story is original, sparkly and the flow has a magnetic pull to it. It reads well, the scenes come to life and everything is stunning. The problem lays in the second part where a smart heroine becomes dumb as a mule and the storyline falls apart. It doesn’t hold up because of the culmination that makes no sense. The change from strong to frightened little girl is too wide and visible that it makes our character unbelievable. We want a good heroine, not a stupid one. The same goes for the story. No sudden flip and pretending it is intended that way.

So, now, I am pushing myself to get it right, but I keep feeling like I want to quit it and leave it there. However, I can’t, this is the mission I drag for a month now without proper results. I make pauses, but the deadline is coming dangerously close.

If there are any good sides of the story, well, it’s raining outside and pretty cold to get busy with the firewood stacking, so I may have a day or two to edit it and make it perfect, just the way this story deserves. When the story goes to print, I will translate it and post it here. That is what motivates me to do it right. I do care about you, and I will always keep caring for you my Brothers and Sisters in Quill, my Commanders. I wish you a pleasant night because this general is going to get some sleep.

I’ll leave Kitten to keep you warm until I am back.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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