Collision (Patreon)

Lily already had problems, but now, she is about to get in the world of nightmare. Mike, her father, had problems, and he is not prepared for what is coming. They both fought a good fight, but life hits harder and so our two heroes are on the path to show how strong they are.

Traffic is going fast, we are always short on time, but when the problem finds us, how much time is left? Enter the world of tragedy, written in thriller and mystery genres. Look through the haze, grey field outside the small rural area populated with suspicion and wailing of the tormented souls. What you find there? Can you spot the great fire, an inferno blazing away our sanity? How strong one must be to endure?

Collision story is taking an ordinary idea, seen in other stories, books, and movies and pushes it to the edge. Ghost stories are reserved for children, but here we see a real horror packed with emotions. Lily and her father are in a very bad position, but they are accustomed to fighting for their lives. Instead of pity, envy their resolve and strength. See then as the people we all have heard about, not the exception from the crowd. I want you to see them as something peculiar and interesting. I want you to spot the humanity in them, the primal urge to survive, to not bend and walk proud. They truly are heroes of the story we all should aspire to become.

The other story I am giving you in a reward. It will not be posted anywhere so this is a one-time deal that will not happen again. This second story is an emotional rollercoaster with references from the real-life and a celebrity. Who is the celebrity I talked about? Find out in the story. The title of it is concealed on purpose. I am not letting anyone see it in the preview. If you want to find out, you must become a Patron to read it. I can guarantee that it will not disappoint. The idea is a way too good and thought-provoking to be taken as naive speculation. The first story will leave you heart-aching, while the second will demolish your perception and make you want more of this.

Chose your tier and read them both.

Collision (story only)                                                        Collision (story and critique)

Both posts come with the second story included.

By becoming a Patron, a fan and donator, you will participate in a much grander project of funding my efforts to translate my four novels with “Dronstad – Quarantine” being first in line. Your contributions are not being spent on anything personal, but they are going into culture and novels production.

If you find my prices too big to participate, rest assure that the stories are coming to my blog later on in the next month. Collision story will be posted here for free, but the second one I offer is not going to be publicized at all. It is a secret and a story I am very proud of, but not to the point where a topic and use of the real-life person as a character can persuade me to go public with it. I suspect that not all will enjoy the turn of events in the story and how I portrayed the people in it. It is very life-based, therefore it is leaning a lot on the bad side of reality. The story still stands as a masterpiece and a step by step process of how I predicted the plot which can easily be someone’s life.

Thank you for reading and considering to join my cause. I love you all and hope to hear from you with your impressions of the stories. Is there anything I can do to change, improve, get better and smarter? I’d really like to hear your thoughts and suggestion.

Until the next time, take care and bye.


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