Collision (story announcement)

Mike’s world was about to change. He already had Lily to care for, but now their lives are standing in front of trouble heading their way. This is not a happy story.
Grey cloud modulates in their eyes, the doom approaches with the gentle blow of the wind. The world stands static while the cries and sobbing dimly surfaces within the city. Visions of fire strike half of the population, visions of death. What provoked them? Will they survive this? Will collision come to pass? Find out in the new story coming to Patreon in a few days.
Sadly, there won’t be an illustration for this story. I had more pressing things to do and I haven’t found time to create it. I will try to be more thoughtful the next time. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope you will like the story. It falls under thriller, paranormal and mystery. Two of our characters are a stereotypical family with problems of their own. Get to know them in the story soon to appear on Patreon.
Become a Patron and don’t miss it.
Patreon is an asset for me to create funds in order to take on translation efforts for my first novel coming out next year in Serbian. Not a cent or a dime goes in my private expenses. All you donate goes to art and things necessary for me to take for the work and good quality of the novel.
By becoming a Patron, you will have a chance to read all of my stories, see the artwork made for the stories and many other things.
For this occasion, I am adding a story along with the “Collision”, a story that will never be posted publicly. This other story is very into drama and things people are not fond of talking about. The story may, or may not include a celebrity.
For a full post, click here.

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