Nighttime blabbering 360

The story for this month is nearly ready. I got it back from my editor, but I need to hire one more editor to run through it just to make sure everything is in order. So far, the idea is great, the execution is good, but it can be better, and the length is satisfying. Sadly, I can’t tell you more about it, because I am waiting for the story to be complete to make a proper announcement.

Illustration? Oh, boy, I am going to try to find the time to do it. My schedule is pretty full right now. So much so, that I have no time to record videos for my YouTube channel or do more except the editing and writing. I still have to create two essays, one for the online portal concerning writers. I am going to translate that and post it here. I suppose you want to know what is the problem with lots of writers and their work on the market here is the Balkan region. We are in crisis with too many writers, too little good quality novels. Perhaps there is a solution. The second essay is concerning hero-type movies from the past two decades that we have seen and what we can expect from this type of movie in the future. This essay is meant to be published in the next issue of a magazine my Association started printing. I have one month to finish that, will all the editing and fact check. Yeah, investigative journalism is a hard game to master, but when you do, it brings reputation.

The novel in English I am prolonging to a decent size is, again, set on pause until I unload my tasks. It will take a while, but hey, this is what I signed up for. This is what I wanted to do. This is what I am doing with my life. And someday, it will all be worth it.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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