Nighttime blabbering 359

Hello, hello, my Commanders in Quill and blogging fiends. It’s been a while since I was this productive. Well, first thing first. Working for the Association (that helps me publish my four novels) and running their site is kind of demanding. Lately, I began running some major things around their online portal and monitoring social media to assure a good spread of our content. There are days when everything I do is looking at the articles, trim photos and create thumbnails for the texts, and then there are days when we hit a brief pause to collect more essays about trending fantasy news. So far, we have a ton of reviews and critiques around popular movies, which is always fun stuff to read. There are also slight problems and urgent fixes to be done on the picture or corrections in the text, which can be all too tiresome.

Right now, we have that pause and it gives me time to get busy with my own projects. To this day, for the last two days, I managed to write a complementary story for one of my newfound friends that agreed to create a damn fine digital painting inspired by the characters in my first novels. He gives me painting, I give him a story and a platform to promote his work. Not a bad deal, because he usually does this for money. Secondly, I am about to complete a Patreon story for this month. The one who inspired this story is Tia. She gave me a really good prelude to what this story can be, and I took the liberty to alter it a bit to the mold I create my stories. It’s definitely going to be something brand new from me. I just can’t help it, the story is going to be very thought-provoking.

And this concludes the work I could do in this brief time, because tomorrow, I will have some exercise to do. Winter preparation’s time folks. I got my front yard stacked full with lumber that awaits an ax and working hands to transport it into my shed.


Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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