Nighttime blabbering 358

Wow, I am in a really short time to write this. Um, it’s about to be 22:00H here, usual time when I post my blabberings, and I had so much to do today that I forgot to find the time and write for you. Here I am, at 21:57H, typing, typing, typing. I mean, see how I try to punch more words in a short period just so I would have what to say? Typing, typing, typing.

Um, tomorrow is slava, a holiday and the celebration of Saint Dimitrije, or for short Saint Mitar or even Mitovdan (Mitar name – Dan day). He became a Saint with martyrdom. This is my house’s Patron Saint and tomorrow we celebrate his adamant faith by fasting and posna slava. If you want to learn more about slava, well, click the link and find out.

I already have my twin sister here to bring in some laughter during the rainy days that began few nights ago. We expect my older sister and her family in total, which will make the house very crowdy. But hey, we don’t complain, it’s what we look forward to on the holly day. I heard, they will stay for the weekend, and that means we will have plenty of time to properly enjoy each other’s company, share stories and play with the kids. Yeah, we have rain and the ground is turned to a bog, but hey, fun stuff drinking tea, looking at the storm from the comfy couch with the fire crackling in the corner. Kids like reading and stories, so that is always welcome habit to nurture.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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