Nighttime blabbering 357

Writing a story, writing a novel, writing essays about heroes and modern vision of what they represent. I am pretty busy with writing. That’s what I wanted and this is what I do. In a way, it is fun to mentally go back to some happy time when all I did was trying to follow an idea and construct sentences. Just a technical aspect of what writing is beyond the definition of the word is a detailed thing a certain type of people can understand. In other words, it is not that you write something for the sake of writing, but for some hidden intention of why do you do it. And that this is opiating.

Getting enough sleep is becoming a problem. Yeah, again. For the past few days, we all had unpredicted work and tasks to complete. This doesn’t happen regularly, but when it does, it is all hands on deck. I am just glad everything works fine.

It’s been warm outside, which is rarety for the time of the year. I am just waiting for the swift change of temperature and snow. I’ve heard that this winter will be warm, but longer than the others. This is not great news. People cheer up when they hear they will spend most of the winter wearing plain sweaters and a light jacket. Idiots. They do not have the concern for the season and the plants that will have to change their biorhythm and grow to early. The spring will come and everything that is above the ground, about to produce fruit, shall die in the morning frost that’s is the mortal enemy of plants. Winter, ice, snow, these make a suitable blanket over the crops and little sprouts, keep the temperature low and steady, preserve them until the spring. When the fine weather comes, snow and ice melt, providing water to the crops. It will melt only when the temperature has a gradual incline and no frost will form in the hot weather. So, you have nice weather now, but you will starve in the next winter. Bravo, idiot.

Sad to say this, but snow is your friend. And too much snow can be hurtful. We are clearly talking about balance and the right dosage. Everything taken out of measure will cause harm. Watch out what you do. Be careful and modest. There’s a balance in life.

Story ZeroDay will come out shortly, so be kind and become a Patron, so I can write you a story.

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One thought on “Nighttime blabbering 357

  1. In Adelaide (all South Australia), we’re heading for a long, hot summer. Half of my fruit trees are already dead or dying. Nothing I can do about it. There’s no subsoil moisture to keep them alive.
    And yet, people are happy they’ll have a long summer to play and swim …

    I wish you just the right amount of snow, clarity in writing, and the sleep that plays the stories in the subconscious to enable you to spin them in the morning.

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