Nighttime blabbering 355

Get ready for tomorrow night Commanders. It’s going to be brutal. Just in time for Halloween. Something about the ghosts, something about the evil spirits and creatures of old. Slavic mythology kind of stuff can be inspiring for lots of things, like stories, novels and other forms of art. There’s a big collection of mythological creatures around the world and some lore around them. I think I saw it on sale on some social media platform. I can’t remember when it was, sorry. But hey, tomorrow I’ll contribute. I need to point out that this specialized post is dedicated to Viola the Demonslayer. She is a very loyal Sister in Quill that keeps writing about her life and pets she has. Love her posts.

About my life and doings, I am working hard to get this novella into a novel and blow someone’s mind. I harbor this positive thought because I made an assessment and I concluded that this novel has potential. What will happen when I am done is still a mystery, but I will try to find people I trust to go at it and fix everything they find.

The process is kind of simple. I’ll do most of the work to create a well-encircled piece and leave very little mistakes that are in my power. After that is done, I shall send it as is to Cage Dunn for further work, analysis, and editing. She is the second step in the process and I count on her to mark all problematic sentences and show me where I keep slipping. This is intended as a practical way to kick it in my skull to learn a thing or two on my own material. After she gives me a green light, I am planning to send that (with Dunn signed as designated editor), to a good friend that began his Indi publishing enterprise. This friend will to the copyediting, break off the pages and everything that comes along. I am also counting on my Association to lend hands and aid us to fabricate a proper novel of great quality. This is the outline of success.

Now, this will take time and work and I am not ruching nobody to hasten and make a mistake while doing it so. This is going to go thoroughly and steadily, without tension and panic that can freeze the creative process.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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