Nighttime blabbering 354

Two more days and the special post is coming. Yeah, I wrote it. I had time to do it, but to find time for other things I’ve planned, well that is another story. Mentioning stories, I wanted to write two more, one for Patreon, and one for the blog, but I prioritized working on that novella that I have no focus for other things.

So far, I wrote a chapter in and the second is coming soon. This will prolong the story, give more exposure to the fantasy world and bring closer the lore. I am going for something original and fun while trying to avoid any cliches. There are ‘Lord of the Rings’ and “Game of Thrones” already, so why plagiarizing? I value the original work more than what is closely similar to what I read before. Do try to be creative and have a distinct voice when writing. Nobody likes those authors who jump the bandwaggon and copy someone but throw their fling to it. Perhaps there is a god remix, however, everybody will point out the original. I don’t know, I want to be original as much as possible.

There is talk about that. Can you be original because everything is already written and invented? Among the thousand novels published on Amazon or the traditional way, what will exclude your novel from the rest? It better be quality and some epic thing nobody else thought of. And even then, everybody suffers from insufficient marketing. That is why you get the feeling that only trash is what is being published, not the good stuff. And the problem is, you need to be on alert for everything that comes out to the book store, or else, you are missing a big thing, a great novel, just because someone is being promoted and jumping out from your refrigerator.

I am in no position to preach such things, I haven’t published anything yet. However, we do share the same feeling that there is gold, you just need to dig through trash to get it.

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6 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 354

  1. Marketing is tough …especially for indies. But even traditional houses prefer writers with a big audience. Damn first – write, then – blog & show up on each media (with a happy face), and plus – advertise. Writers Life… 😭🤪🌚🌚

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