Nighttime blabbering 353

I didn’t want to say it, but I guess I’ll have to. Ugh, for the past few weeks, I am on and off about editing a novella I have. It is epic fantasy, very into realism, so now, I am taking efforts to read it whole and turn up those fantasy elements to some intriguing levels. That means I need to develop some magic system, add a bit convoluted plot and enrich storyline with something more thrilling than the mere combat. And the genre elements fall under military fiction, which can bring out the mindset within the main character. Why is this so tough to talk about? Um, I haven’t told my editor what am I doing. And, there is another problem. Cage Dunn, if you reading this… yeah, it’s not a novella anymore. Sorry. I just… Ah, it is stronger than me. I see plotholes, I see stuff that needs change, I see a problem in the making and I must fix it. Fixing doesn’t necessarily mean prolonging it, but here it does. It is like I am missing a couple of strong chapters to line up the other scenes. I know, I know, our deal was different. This was a short story for this blog that showed some promise, so I took it to develop it into a novella. A year went by, I grew up in a literary sense and now look at me, I see thing differently. I am so sorry, but yet, I must. I just have to.

I must begin giving my heroes the names, this isn’t working anymore. Ooo, I want mystery, who is the hero, how does he look like? Yeah, scrap that, it’s not flying. The organization is everything. This why I come and go to it so frantically. I want to alter it, but then I remember I can’t go on with it until I break the concept and then hit it from the sides. Argh, wish me luck and that Cage Dunn doesn’t kill me after reading this.

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