Zero-Day (out now)

“Zero-day” is a story about cyber attacks and the evolution of the battleground, active use of the technology and software as a weapon to subdue the enemy without too many loses. What I assumed in the story is a far more defeating idea that this sort of warfare will cause even more collateral damage, than the regular for of war. Considering the traditional meaning of war and how we see it, we understand it is a very gruesome phenomenon, and possibly a bit more honorable form. In contrast with cyber warfare, I predicted a chain of events and the climate that is set to torture, play dirty, use tricks and deceptions as a desired effect on the global population.
With striking one’s economy or industrial sectors, disassembling the production and trade, these actions will set things in motion which, in a domino effect, could create a chain reaction and inflict damage to the world in general, and not localize the collapse of someone’s government.
I hope you will like the story and call your friends to read it.
P.S.: For a surprise, I added a few more pictures in the attachments so you can see what am I working on.
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Sincerely, Shawn

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