ZERO DAY (announcement)

Danger lays in the unknown. We can’t see the threat, but it is there, around us, slipping through our fingers, lifeless, without a body, but it can harm us, it can ruin us faster than the speed of sound.
In a light autumn day, you look at the park full of leaves, yellow, brown, orange, perhaps there are birds picking crumbs, or a squirrel running around the tree. A coffee shop, you enter there hoping to get refreshments and rest your feet from walking. Your nose is delighted to sense freshly ground coffee beans, your ears welcome the sound of steam coming from the apparatus. You extend your arm, hand the credit card, a barista smiles while taking your order, scribbles your name in wrong letters, slips the card and it is denied. The lights go off. The attack is imminent.
There will be no illustration for this month, so when you see the cover, you’ll instantly know what the story is about. You’ve seen the image with the title of the blog, I am sure. Surprise, surprise, all is revealed. It’s about cybercriminal and the evolution of the battlefield, including the concept of war.
Zero-day is a story about what we can expect to see the war become in the future, or if you read it carefully, what war has become already.
TO see the announcement, click here.

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