Nighttime blabbering 349

My editors are working hard. I saw it first hand. Nobody could guess how much there is to be done when you are a part of a machine that keeps steaming forward. I don’t make it easy for them with my stories and texts about the concept behind the novel’s lore. I’ll spend my free time translating some for you to read.

So far, the next year is mine. I don’t have a publishing date, but it gets closer by the day. Proofreading is going to start soon, so I look forward to that. My editor has made it clear she can’t wait to begin doing her job, which is a positive thing to hear from a professional.

I try not to be overly happy because of it, just not to jinx it as I have done it before. Relaxed, cool-headed, my mission is to stay calm while we take a swing at it, and have fun. Let’s not forget to have fun, right?

Fine weather in the past few days is just what I need to nourish my spirit and stay smiley. Lately, I wasn’t in my best edition, I blame the approaching winter and the sudden stop of seasonal work. That is the time when you adjust to one activity and when it’s gone, you get that feeling something’s missing. Same with writing a novel. If you are a writer, you know what am I talking about. Or if you are an avid TV show spectator, the end of the season can leave you a bit thorned and depressed. Not the most fun feeling out there, and it’s not severe. It kind of picks your brain in small portions, keeps your mind split in two until it goes away.

To avoid it, I am working on the cover art for the story you are waiting for and those promo concept pieces. I’ve did some research on Photoshop and shortcuts, the proper use of layers and I am testing my knowledge to get better. It seems I wanted to be a writer, but my carrier can easily shift to becoming a designer. Who knows, maybe there is some money to be earned along with some writing. I need to find a good platform that pays for art and try selling my previos work. Pocket change for sure, but at least there is that. Could you recommend me some good places where people sell their digital art? Here is what I did today.

Agencija logo

And no, I am not going to forget about Commander Kitten.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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