Nighttime blabbering 347

I began writing a story for this month, and it’s going really hard. The reason why is mostly because I had to run some errands and took too much time conversating with a professional designer. I found this guy on Facebook promoting his work in the main Association’s online fan group, where I had to warn him to lay off from the self-promotions because we are going to have a problem if he keeps spamming the group. Would you believe me if I told you he is really talented? I’ve seen his work on ArtStation, also he has a YouTube channel and he is very passionate about his work. Talking to him, I saw he is kind of desperate to draw some attention and meet people who could help him.

Here is the sad part. Every artist must go through some suffering until he finishes his work and makes a product. His plans are set high, which means he has little chances of reaching them. But hey, who knows, maybe luck is on his side. Perhaps, he will find what he is looking for and make something of it. I want to believe that there is a ticket out from a Hell-hole of a country we live in. And it’s art, mind you. The finest, most fulfilling thing a person can do in life, because it is primarily done for the artist’s soul, and then for everyone else.

He showed me some online classes I can see for info on how to get better and I am going to study that for a while, just to improve my skills and utilize Photoshop more efficiently. Finally, someone showing valuable advice one can use.

And what happened with this newly made friendship? Well, I just finished my promotion texts I plan on posting on my author’s blog after they are edited, so I offered him to design me a cover to follow one of the texts. He is very busy, but he will try to meet me halfway and help me out. I just love his passion for art, almost like Commander Vyache has.

Ah, that was an interesting find that I had today. Everything else is in order, the same as the last time I checked. Writing, editing, periodically doing a cover for an essay or an article for the site, a bit of procrastinating, and very little sleep on my clock, this is how my usual day looks like.

Just to let you know, this is some fun I had, it’s not finished, but his final product will surely surpass my attempts to do the painting.

Za Dronstad promociju

And I could never forget about the blog’s mascot Kitten. Look at its cute face.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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