Nighttime blabbering 346

Soon, I will post the story “The main battle tank Arthur” and the critique. I think I left you waiting for it long enough. It’s hard to tell if you are excited or not, but I’ll believe your are anticipating it with a wide grin on your face and lipping around, just waiting got the second you see the title. Yeah, my brain and I have a lot of fun when we are alone.

I can’t say much happened while I was absent. It’s mostly the normal everyday stuff I think it wouldn’t be interesting to you to read. There’s some work outside, and then there is me, reading the texts, hunting the mistakes, trying to be better. When I come to think of it, all that work must be good for something in the end. It’s impossible to read two essays a day and have nothing to learn from it. For example, I did learn how to look for redundant words, repetitive words, and contradictory plot development. And I am only speaking about professionally written text and reviews. If we take a look at the novels and short stories, I upgraded there too. And there is that feeling of experiencing a repeling force from writing. I heard, that happens when you get proficient enough and all that writing seems like work, and inspiration is really hitting the rock bottom. The more you need to write, the more you feel like you have nothing smart to say or words just won’t come to you. I finally understand why some writers need so long to punch a page out or complete their projects. Procrastinating. That sums it up.

There is some good news. The Association I work with had a public promotion of their first magazine coming out of the press. They are already working on the second issue and I plan to participate with a story and an essay. Finally, they are selling our products and we see the result of our work.  They also announced two novels comming out soon, just in time for the Belgrade book fair, so that makes me third in line for publishing. I predict this going for me in the next year, not sooner. At least I am getting really close to accomplishing my dreams. And that could also mean that, if everyone reads it and I get a positive commentary, I can be looking at that translation thingy, the reason why I created Patreon. Yeah, I’ll be needing some cash soon to finance that project. So far, I gathered around 100$, which is enough for 20 pages to be converted. And I am still looking for online freelance jobs. Wish me luck.

Farming? Well, it is nearly over. Nothing to report on that. Now, I am just indoors, trying to finish everything I’ve started, trying to be productive, trying to be useful.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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