Nighttime blabbering 344

Today is my ‘take 5’ day and I spent in watching movies, working on some texts, reviews of the films I just saw and listening to some epic battle dubstep complications. This music is perfect for writing a novel, especially when you write that I am interested in. I may watch one more before I go to bed, or do some thinking about the next story.

Speaking of that, I saw a lot of traffic on my Patreon from that “MBT Arthur” announcement. At least I am getting people interested, but I don’t know a thing about marketing and how to lure in more Patrons. Do you have any suggestions about what I can do more? I’d be happy to hear you out.

This next story, for the following month, I plan to do a scheme of what the future wars will be like, much like the concept of the story I mentioned. This one will be a ruffling one, with a prediction of horror that could ensue if we grow comfortable within our lives. I am talking a massive scale apocalypse with everybody getting affected. There is no way out, no chance of salvation, little hope of survival. It is going to be glorious and completely shrouded in the darkness that our unsuspecting conscience can fabric.

Tomorrow, I am working with lumber again. This is a thing that keeps me busy and fed. It’s going to last for a while longer than I expected, but hey, fresh air, working out, I feel great.

There won’t be a video this week because I am tired and have some more important things to do. I will try to do a compilation of short videos of what I was doing by the time you haven’t seen my posts, maybe some reports, and a fun montage of little thing I do every day. Life is made out of details, so why not include them too?

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

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