Nighttime blabbering 342

If everything goes as planned, expect a cover reveal for the story “Memoirs of the main battle tank Arthur”, going out tomorrow on my YouTube channel. For some reason, when I paint fast, the cover looks somewhat better than when I pay more attention to it. The image resembles a comic book style of painting and these types I like. It has more clear lines, better light exposition, and no hazy parts. I looked at what other artist do and frankly, I don’t know what are they doing to get so clear image. It’s worthy of awe when I see a realistic painting of something that is clearly a fictional thing like a space battle, or a portrait. Anyway, I did my best and that is one more thing getting scratched from my to-do list.

Right now, I am waiting on my editor to give me my story back with every mistake in the writing highlighted. Because I want to learn from my mistakes, I insist on having to do the changes on my own and not let her do everything. She does a good job, and if there is anything we haven’t seen in time, there is Grammarly app that runs an edit and that way I get everything in order. For this month, I am giving you a shorter story than what rules of writing demand. Its almost 2 000 words, so it is really short, but telling and informative. The concept, I am counting on the title to tell you a bit before going into the meat of the plot. So far, you know it’s about a tank, and he is able to think, therefore there is a clarification of the ‘memoirs’ in the title. You can’t say more about the main character in fewer words than this, and I haven’t begun telling you the story.

I do need to post a proper announcement with the little snippet to what you can expect from the plot. Rushing my editor is ill adviced, but I have to remind her that I need that story very soon.

There is a possibility that I post a story a bit later than usual because I might have an unexpected road trip to finish some business. As per habit, it is out of my hands, you know the drill. That trip can take me about 5 days tops, which is enough to miss all the other work I have going on. I don’t like doing this, right at the time I need to get everything in order and meet my deadline, but damn, problems are just waiting to kick you when you are down, don’t they?

In the other news, I am back to writing, doing a lengthy story in Serbian that might get published in a magazine. Not online, but a real pages that you turn, with your hands, slowly, when you are done reading. Yeah, that. Overall, things are going great, – he said nervously grinning and sweating while bulging his eyes and internally screaming.

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