Nighttime blabbering 339

I am almost at the half of a story I am writing for my Patreon. The working title is “Memoire of a main battle tank ‘Arthur'”. I haven’t written about serious military fiction in a while. I plan on writing something more in the domain of science fiction, but normal life, something fun, inspirational, and interesting for the next month. Here I give you an opportunity to participate and give me an idea of what the plot should be. I mean, you are the ones who read it too, so, why not include you and see what do you wish to read the next time?

Corn, corn, corn, corn everywhere. Today was the first day I went to the cornfield to harvest some, guess what… corn. I only passed the half of one field I have under corn and tomorrow will be the other half, fingers crossed I succeed. After that one, there are two more to be harvested. My family and I, we do it by hands, manually. Why? Because we don’t have money for a combine and this year, the crops are not to their full potential. To pay for the harvest, and not have enough corn at the end, you are working on expense. And the harvester usually makes a mess in the field. It breaks the clip in two, it throws the kernels around, it doesn’t tie up the bundles of canes, and you even have to pay for that? I mean, at least you are not baking on the sun and get sour spots on your hands, but it’s expensive to hire a machine.

If you read my blog on a daily basis, you know I mentioned that this year had the worst season ever. Really. Everything we sewed was cut in half. Strawberries haven’t brought us enough to taste it this year. Potatoes? All of them are as big as a fist when they should be triple in size. Walnuts, plums, apples? Big, fat zero. Peppers? Half. Tomatoes? Half. It’s rough right now, but we manage it by doing some other work. It’s no secret, I am going around my village and help others with their seasonal work. Since all of the young went away looking for a better living condition, a couple of boys and I got left behind. We help these older people who still want to work, but can’t. The pay is adequate, I can’t complain, but it keeps me away from writing, editing, and reading. If I am not blabbering here, on my blog, I am probably catching some sleep, or I am working.

If everything goes to plan, I am going to finish this story tonight, send it to my editor and get the job done. After that, I could write a story for my blog, or do some other stuff I had in mind.

So, is there a story you would like to read and you haven’t read it before? Tell me, what would you like to see me write next?

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